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Adam Kun : City of Gold

Johannesburg aka the ‘City of Gold’, is South Africa’s largest city. Beginning it’s roots as a 19th-century gold-mining settlement. Today, it’s still the capital of South African commerce with a city that is a melting pot bustling with people and different cultures. Literally built on top of the old mines.

Back in May, Hungarian Flatland shredder Adam Kun touched down in Joburg for Ult.X and a few demo’s afterwards. South Africa had been on his bucket list for a few years now and you could tell he was itching to ride and experience as much as he could, between a busy schedule and only being able to stay for a couple of days. That left Adam with only one day to see Johannesburg and shoot some photos, but what better way to explore a city than by bike.

We hit him up with a few questions about his trip. Read on…


Your bike has taken you to a ton of exotic destinations, but this was your first time to South Africa right?

Yeah! This was my first time in South Africa. I’ve always wanted to go so I’m extremely happy I could make it over this year.

What were your first thoughts?

First thoughts were “hell yeah”! This place has been on my bucket list for a long time so I was super hyped and definitely lived up to the expectations. I already had a little experience of Africa earlier this year in Morocco and last year I went to Nigeria. Both trips were amazing and on thing I noticed is that there are huge differences between the countries in Africa.

You were first doing shows at Ult.X at Sun City?

Yeah! That whole event was super rad. My shows were great, the crowd was loving the flatland and I was just stoked on everything in general! The location of the event is really unique because it’s at a holiday resort with all this crazy architecture, lots of good vibes and they treated the athletes really well. Ult.X was next level. I can’t wait to go back next year and be part of it again.

After that you hooked up for a shoot with Eric Palmer in Johannesburg?

That was a dope day! Eric is cool and a super talented photographer. We didn’t have much time to waste so we went to see different as many different places in Johannesburg as we could. This time I was lucky enough to see more of the real city than on most of my trips. The city is huge so there was tons to see and so many epic locations for shooting photos. Shooting with Eric was super easy and relaxed since because he kills it. I just did my thing and we came away with some really amazing imagery.

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