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BADBUL vs KAMAZ : Behind the Scenes

Join us behind the scenes to watch two of motorsport’s biggest characters hook up for a drifting masterclass in Saint Petersburg. Mad Mike Whiddett takes on multiple Dakar Rally winner Eduard Nikolaev at the famous Kirov Factory! The Russian driver Nikolaev welcomed the New Zealand car drifting star Whiddett to his home country for a unique challenge in the nation’s northern capital after the pair first came up with the idea a year ago as a joke at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England where the pair talked about drifting head-to-head.

Nikolaev starts his nine-ton KAMAZ truck ride at one end of the factory while Whiddett starts his BADBUL Mazda RX-8 ride at the other end of the factory before the two meet in the middle for a drifting masterclass. Whiddett’s car is nine times lighter than the truck and the four-rotor engine five times smaller compared to the KAMAZ diesel engine, their respective torques are poles apart as the Kiwi battles to keep alongside.

Watch as both drivers manage to drift in sync pulling a similar acceleration of around 1,000 horsepower. Whiddett, who made his first trip to Russia for the challenge, said: “It took me quite a while to get used to such a big and heavy truck speeding right next to me. Any of its four wheels is bigger than my entire car!” The 2010 Silk Way Rally champion Nikolaev added: “I am super happy about this adventure of ours! We have actually once again shown that we can perform away from the sands and dunes too.”

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