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Kriss Kyle : BSD BMX – 10 and Counting

From the quiet 15 year old kid who joined the BSD team back in 2008 to becoming one of the most progressive riders in BMX, Kriss Kyle has come a long way. It seemed only right that we should mark his 10 years on the team with a new video, filmed over the last 18 months in the concrete parks ...

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Tim Knoll : Home

Tim Knoll’s incredible style of street riding has turned heads since he hit the consciousness of the BMX community at the start of this decade. The Milwaukee native has since gone on to develop his riding to new levels and has evolved a style that mixes up BMX street and Flatland skills with acrobatics and gymnastics moves. We saw the ...

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Mike Varga : All or Nothing

Mike Varga rounded out 2018 with an absolute full send of bangers filmed worldwide, all the while overcoming multiple injuries surgeries over the past year. Unfortunately he ended it with another injury, breaking his collarbone and requiring immediate surgery while filming his last clip for this video. Mike is dedicated to pushing the limits on a BMX, so you can ...

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Adam Kun : City of Gold

Johannesburg aka the ‘City of Gold’, is South Africa’s largest city. Beginning it’s roots as a 19th-century gold-mining settlement. Today, it’s still the capital of South African commerce with a city that is a melting pot bustling with people and different cultures. Literally built on top of the old mines. Back in May, Hungarian Flatland shredder Adam Kun touched down in Joburg ...

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Vans : Unfiltered – Sicily

The UNFILTERED series heads back to Europe for its fifth episode. This time around it’s the newest addition to the team, Simone Barraco, tagging along with Courage Adams on a mission through the streets and vibes of Sicily. UNFILTERED is a video series that highlights the raw side of a BMX trip. The struggle, achievements, noise, peace, challenges, injuries, languages, ...

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Jordan Godwin : Doomsayer

Not only does Jordan Godwin always deliver with the hardest combos on ledges, rails, and whatever else he rides—but he makes it all look so damn smooth too. From start to finish, Jordan’s latest effort for his new signature WeThePeople Doomsayer frame is nothing short of amazing.

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Grosic and Bohan Session a DIY Store

Senad Grosic and Corey Bohan bring the night to life in a DIY store. See them shredding everything they can find on the shelves – from leaf blowers to garden gnomes. Senad Grosic and Corey Bohan just wanted to stop by a hardware store to quickly change Bohan’s flat tyres, but then the lights went out, the doors shut and ...

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Angie Marino : Path To Pro Cup

Angie Marino, a trailblazer in BMX, is leading the charge of style and speed into uncharted territory as women’s BMX riding continues to grow by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. Catch Angie playing with fire between contests as she prepares for the 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championship in Malaga, Spain.  

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FISE : Jake Wallwork Tops BMX Freestyle

Yesterday’s final was full of shocks and surprises. Yesterday’s top place semi-finalist Dennis Enarson put in a super slick run, with characteristic huge transfers to score a big 90.00 points. He was then over taken by an epic 2nd run from Jake Wallwork. Enarson couldn’t land what he wanted in his second run so it was Jake who deservedly walked ...

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FISE : Prevost Wins BMX Flatland

Another exciting final on the flatland stage! The crowd were mesmerised by the creativity and style of the flatland final.  Jean William Prevost had a perfect run and he showed why he was last years champion, his control and execution were flawless and he was delighted to take home the win “I’m more than blessed to do this in my ...

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S&M BMX : Skeletons and Muscles Tour

The S&M Pro squad came through with bangers all along the way of the Skeletons & Muscles Tour! With a heavy cast consisting of, Mike Hoder, Charlie Crumlish, Clint Reynolds, Craig Passero, Mike “Hucker” Clark and their newest pro, Hobie Doan, you already know this video goes! Watch the boys trek from Buffalo, New York, to Clint’s incredible backyard bowl ...

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Reflect : Max and Igor Bespaliy

In the heart of the majestic city of Moscow, the twins Max Bespaliy and Igor Bespaliy unleashed their twin BMX genius onto the urban architecture of the historic city. The latest cinematic brainchild from legend of the BMX scene, Rich Forne, the filmer and director captured Moscow as a city of contrasts, reflected in the unreal riding of the twins and ...

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X Games Sydney : Monster Energy Recap

The first-ever X Games spectacle on the Australian continent is a wrap! Monster Energy congratulates its BMX, Moto X, and Skateboarding athletes on a hugely successful weekend competing at X Games Sydney 2018. The world-class team dominated with a total of ten medals across Skateboarding, BMX, and Moto X disciplines by claiming three gold, three silver and four bronze medals. ...

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