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Corey Glick : Souvenir

Some curtains close with a whisper but this one slams shut with a hellacious boom. Corey Glick closes out Souvenir with a part so gnarly it’s going to make your brain implode. Glick, you’re sick!

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Adidas Skateboarding : Oh Là Là Paname

From Notre-Dame to République and everywhere in between, “Oh Là Là Paname” follows the team through the the streets of Paris. Combining the power of Magnus Bordewick with the spontaneity of Heitor Da Silva alongside the style of Lucas Puig and wizardry of Gustav Tønnesen, Oh Là Là takes focus on one of Europes most iconic skateboard cities. Featuring: Heitor ...

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Dakota Servold : Souvenir

Some park it when they turn pro and some keep the fire lit, ensuring every video part is gnarlier than the last. Dakota has no neutral speed and this part is pedal-to-the-metal CHARGING! Servold serves it up again.

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VPS : World Championship Preview

Vans Park Series will bring a dramatic live action season finale to Shanghai, China on October 27, to crown two new VPS park terrain champions. Saluting an incredible international tour across five continents to showcase the world’s best park terrain skateboarders, the 2018 Vans Park Series Pro Finals culminates in yet another historic year in skateboarding’s progression onto the world ...

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Tom Remillard : Vitamin C

Yes, he excels at transition skating, but Tom will absolutely pulverize anything you put in his path. Skate everything is not just a motto. It’s a way of life. Wait, did he just high-five a cop?

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“Alter” Ep. 1 – Through Torey Pudwill’s Eyes

In “Alter” we see the world around us through the eyes of athletes who, via sport, have totally changed the way they see the world. In this first episode, we tell the story of Torey Pudwill’s tango with an unassuming bus stop bench and its wondrous double life, all set to the voice of Thrasher Magazine’s first-ever Skater Of The ...

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The White Desert : Skating the Andes Salt Flats

Join Jaakko Ojanen and friends as they skate the White Desert project in Bolivia. I first travelled to the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia about 20 years ago, as a tourist. We slept in a salt hotel, travelled around the salt flats and met the salt workers who had their own quarry and produced salt bricks. A truly ...

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WKND’s “Sir Palmer” Video

The whole WKND crew snags some airtime, but this vid is Alex Schmidt and Trevor Thompson’s time to shine. Let the residents of Sir Palmer take you on a trip down every alleyway and side street of Los Angeles with Leonard Cohen supplying the soundtrack.

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Chris Joslin : Unstoppable

Chris Joslin’s ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ part for his first pro model shoe, the Joslin Pro. This is the proving ground: testing the limits of performance and durability. The amount of footage that Joslin has produced in four years is unprecedented. The level of skateboarding that he operates at is insurmountable. And the Joslin Pro is part of his legacy.

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Damn Am NYC : Lucas Rabelo Wins

With the entire contest going down in one day at LES, it was non-stop shredding from start to finish, and Lucas Rabelo got his first win in STYLE. And then Independent Best Trick flew completely off the rails. Best day ever! Video: Frank Branca  

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Madness : “Foolish Behavior”

Madness is a new transition-heavy brand out of Dwindle and this inaugural offering does not disappoint! If you like watching the vertical plane get absolutely scorched then you’re in for a treat. Sanity is overrated.

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Lakai presents The Flare

The future has landed. See the entire Lakai squad in their latest full-length video – the genre which their Crailtap camp defined. Watch the teaser below and follow the link at the bottom of the article to watch the full length feature. After making arguably the genre’s greatest ever film (2007’s Fully Flared), Lakai and other skater-owned shoe brands have ...

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