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Sessions : World Tour Free surfs Uluwatu

When the WSL announced that they would be completing the Margaret River event at Bali’s Uluwatu, immediately after the contest at Keramas, we knew we were in for a show – and this is the proof. You can thank the unruly sharks of Western Australia. At the beginning of 2018, the WSL’s men and women were already beyond excited when they discovered that Bali’s most playful and high-performance right-hander, Keramas, was on the events schedule.

But when a shark scare stopped the Margaret River Pro short of a finish, the WSL made the decision to run its final rounds immediately after the Keramas even ended, just across the Bukit Peninsula at the famed left-hander, Uluwatu. For those who were left at Margaret River, the move to Uluwatu was a bit of a dream. While Ulus is a conveyor belt of perfection, it is, these days, also a conveyor belt of crowds. To have the opportunity to surf the place with one other person in the water – well, ah-em, did someone say “Dream Tour”?

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